Nora Franglen has devoted many years of her life to the practice and teaching of five element acupuncture. She is convinced that an understanding of this particular branch of acupuncture should be passed on to as many practitioners and lay people as possible.

She studied under Professor JR Worsley over many years, first as an undergraduate student at his college in Leamington Spa and then as a postgraduate student. She ran a busy acupuncture practice from her London home and for 12 years was the Founder/Principal of the School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA) in London, where she trained many students in the principles of five element acupuncture.

SOFEA closed its doors as an undergraduate institute in 2007, and it now continues to run postgraduate seminars in this country, in Europe and increasingly in China.

SOFEA’s Teaching Programme

We are not holding any seminars in the UK or abroad until Covid travel restrictions have lifted, but are making plans for 2022. We hope to run our usual spring clinical seminar in London, as well as venturing further afield with an introductory course on five element acupuncture in the Loire Valley in France. We have also been asked to hold a seminar in Leipzig in Germany.

Travel to China may take longer to return to normal, but the many five element students and acupuncturists over there are eagerly awaiting our return as soon as this becomes possible. In the meantime, we have been occupying ourselves recording many videos for on-line five element tutorials which some thousand or more people have subscribed to. We have also joined in Zoom conferences (called Voov in China!) which have made us feel close to our many friends over there.

Nora Franglen's Books

Nora has now written seven books on five element acupuncture which form part of the Five Element Series published by Singing Dragon Press. These books can be ordered online from Singing Dragon Press at

Nora Franglen's Blogs

Nora also writes blogs about her life in general and her work as a five element acupuncturist in particular. These can be viewed at: